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img_10Continental Auto Repair is proud to offer a full range of car maintenance services to vehicle owners located in the greater Edmonton area. Regular Edmonton car maintenance is recommended for any vehicle to ensure that no problem goes undetected. Regular car maintenance also helps your vehicle run smoothly and efficiently and, in most cases, saves customers a lot of money. Indeed, a poorly running vehicle, while it may not show any signs of malfunction, tends to guzzle more gas than a fine tuned one.

Edmonton | MOTOR OILS

Oil is something in today's day and age that gets over looked and miss under stood. But the truth is that is one of the important things that will go into your car and if you have a European car it makes it even that much more important. Every motor has to have the right oil specifications and being a high performance European car they have the highest, most demanding oil requirements out of all manufactures. Actually until very recently North America did not make an oil that fit your Audi/Volkswagen and without the specific manufactures numbers on the oil cans it is no good for your motor and does not belong in it even if it is for just 5,000 Km. Here at Continental Auto Repair we have the oil that your car needs, all of our oil come from Europe where it is designed to fit your vehicles engine so you know by coming to see us that your motor will be safe no matter what driving conditions it goes through.

Edmonton | SERVICES

It is important to make sure you stick to your service indicators as your car may need something. Also there are many parts on your vehicle that will be to be change after a surtin amount of time, sometimes it will go by years and other times it will be kilometres. Just an example that not to many people know about is that in some Audi's and Volkswagens they have a haldex differential and that oil needs to be changed every 50,000km. So please if you have any questions about your vehicle and the maintenance it needs call us we are willing to answer all your questions.


When it comes to transmissions on Audi's and Volkswagens it is a very specialized and important part to your car. It is all about have the right oil for the right transmission and have the right tools and knowledge to refill it. At Continental Auto Repair we make sure your transmission oil changes are taken care of worry free.


At Continental Auto Repair we can check your vehicle over what ever your need may be whether it is for a used car or insurance we can get it done for you. It is important to know everything about your vehicle so you have peace of mind for you and your family when you are on the road.

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